Interview mit Alex Kammerling über Crowdfunding für Kamm & Sons über

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Alex, would you please tell our readers a little bit about you and your company?

Alex Kammerling: I started in the bar industry nearly 20 years ago as a bartender (to pay my sculpture studio rent) and quickly fell in love with the industry. I channeled my creativity into making cocktails and loved the social side of bartending. From there I started writing a column for Class magazine and then started writing travel features and bar reviews. I went on to write my own cocktail book that the BBC published, did a number of brand consultancy positions (For Campari, Appleton) and then went on to be a brand Ambassador for Millers Gin and then Grey Goose vodka. In the back-ground of these jobs I was working on my own brand (Kamm & Sons) which I launched in 2011.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Why did you decide to crowdfund your startup?

Alex Kammerling: We found out about Crowd funding quite late on in the day and had already pitched to a number of people so we had the business plan down and water-tight. It was simply a case of compiling the content and uploading it. We thought that we didn’t have anything to loose by having it up there and continued to look for investment from outside too.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Can you tell us a little bit about the cooperation with Would you go this way again? What are the advantages?

Alex Kammerling: We are actually in the process of putting together a new pitch on CrowdCube as it was a great way not only to get the brand out there but an easy way for smaller investors to get involved in the business. The other main advantages are that once you have set your investment terms, there are no negotiations. If they like what they see, they invest at that rate.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: What are in your opinion the key factors to succeed with a crowdfunding pitch?

Alex Kammerling: As with any good advertising, marketing, speech or pitch, a clear, concise plan as what it is you want to achieve and how you intend to do it backed up with water-tight figures are essential. It does help to have a video or some strong visual media too.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: How can we – your investors – still help you apart from the past financial help? Do you have any wishes?

Alex Kammerling: While most of my investors are just happy to be kept in the loop of what we are doing, some have come forward to offer services and advice. As long as the investors tell their friends and help spread the word, I am happy!

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