Bubble & Balm vor dem Ende …

An dieser Stelle will ich einmal eine Email – beinahe in Gänze – wiedergeben. Nicht weil ich vermutlich viel Geld verlieren werde, es sind nicht einmal 20 brititsche Pfund, denn ich habe ja auch noch ein Stück fair gehandelte Seife erhalten – sondern weil ich meine, dass sich jeder Crowdinvestor beim Tätigen der Investition genau auf solche Email einstellen sollte. Crowdfunding hin oder her. Das Geld was angelegt wird, ist und bleibt Risikokapital, auf das man im Notfall auch verzichten können muss.

Ich danke Sue, dass nicht lange drum herum geredet wird und wünsche viel Erfolg für die Zukunft:

Hier nun die Mail, die gerade gekommen ist:

„Dear All,
Unfortunately the news on Bubble & Balm is not so good. Last week I was gearing myself up to advise you that the company would be ceasing trade at the end of the year, having had a ’no‘ from Holland & Barrett and no further orders from Oxfam. However, as I was composing the email at the end of last week, both Co-op Pharmacy and TK Maxx got in touch, and so I delayed the update till now.

I have spoken with Co-op today, this one may be a ‚false dawn‘ as they are looking at a one branch trial for now, which even if a success may simply be too late. I am still playing email and phone tag with TK Maxx.

At this stage I am not holding out a huge amount of hope that either contact will enable the business to continue, but I will be following up on both leads as far as I can before (re) taking any final decision to cease trading.

Assuming the worst, I have looked into this a little and there are essentially two ways to ‚close‘ a business with shareholders. Firstly there is the formal route, whereby the business is placed in the hands of a liquidator who winds it up. This however costs several thousand pounds which neither the business (nor I) have. The second route is for the business to cease trading, and then after three months simply apply to Companies House to be ’struck off‘. It is the latter route I would follow, and there is a roadmap laid out by Companies House as to what needs to happen when.

Needless to say, whilst there is still a small glimmer of hope at this stage, this has been another difficult email to write, and worse I imagine to receive. An apology feels somewhat inadequate, but I’d like to offer one nonetheless.

Things will be clear, I think, by Christmas – I will advise as soon as they are.

Best regards,


Sue Acton
Managing Director
Bubble & Balm“

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