„A company that enables people to pay for free content with a super simple microdonation system.“ – Interview mit Linus Olsson (Co-Funder von Flattr)


Klaus-Martin Meyer: Linus, you are working for flattr.com. Could you please tell us a little bit about you and your company?

Linus: I’m co-founder and CEO of Flattr a company that enables people to pay for free content with a super simple microdonation system.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: You started in 2007 with Flattr. Last year crowdfunding became kind of a hype here in Germany an many other countries. Does this hype help you as well?

Linus: We started in 2010 even though the idea is older. The general understanding of crowdfunding has helped us of course. At the same time crowdfunding today has become this fundraiser (kickstarter) idea and Flattr is such another thing.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Can you give us an impression how big the likelihood is that somebody clicks on one of your buttons and pays somethink for a blog posting or a podcast? How much pays the reader on average?

Linus: That is like saying if I play an instrument in the street how many people will give me money. Impossible to answer, specially without knowing what you are playing and where. It‘ the same with flattr, it depends completely on how many people that care about what you do and what you do. Flattr is like the cashregister, it works if you have goods people want to buy in a store placed where people find it.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Is it possible to name two or three „best practice examples“ for successful implementations of flattr?

Linus: Tim Pritloves usage for his podcasts (and other projects) is a really great example on how one should do it. He uses it for every piece of content he makes.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: What are the next milestones for flattr.com for the next five years?

Linus: The next milestone is a complete relaunch on how use use flattr. It’s a couple of weeks away and will be really great. Five years is an extremely long time on the web and is impossible to predict. What we are aiming for is to make Flattr a part of your daily consumption and nothing one need to think about.

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