Die eine Krähe (Syndicate Room) hackt der anderen (Crowdcube) ein Auge aus

Diese E-Mail kam am 13.02. von Syndicate Room und soll hier einfach einmal in voller Länge zitiert werden:

Hi Klaus-Martin,

Equity crowdfunding has an enviable track record. More than 300 businesses have been funded to the tune of over £140 million in the UK alone. This puts innovation in the UK at an advantage over the rest of the world and there can be no doubt that this type of investment has been great news for entrepreneurs.

However, the last few days have seen the UK’s equity crowdfunding ship hit choppy waters:

The Financial Times: Rebus becomes largest crowdfunded failure
The Times: Crowdcube uses neat trick to fool investors
The Sun: In with the wrong crowd (you will need to scroll down to the article)

In response to these articles I want to repeat what I have been saying for years. For equity crowdfunding to be sustainable, it has to work for investors. As an industry, it has to be profitable for investors. This has been my belief from the beginning and I have built SyndicateRoom on these very principles.

Access to the same deals as the professionals. That’s access to the same deals in which the professionals are investing. No longer will such deals be closed to online investors, available only to a privileged class of professional investors

Fairness. It shouldn’t matter if you’re investing £1,000 or £1 million, online investors must enjoy the same economic benefits as professional investors, institutions and any other ‘big boys’ in the round. On a £1-per-£1 basis, all investors, big and small, should make or lose the same amount of money, equally sharing both risk and reward

Transparency. It’s vital to provide as much information as possible to enable investors to make a well-informed investment decision, and to continue that transparency through the life course of a funded business

I call on the wider industry to embrace similar best practice to ensure we all deliver on the huge promise of this exciting new asset class. As an investor, carry out your due diligence not only on the company in which you’re considering investing but also on the platform, and support those you believe are fighting the good fight.

All the best

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos
CEO and Co-Founder

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One Response to Die eine Krähe (Syndicate Room) hackt der anderen (Crowdcube) ein Auge aus

  1. Uli Fricke sagt:

    Thank you Klaus-Martin and Gonçalo for sharing this very interesting email!

    This topic has to be stressed: online investors should get the same economic benefits as professional investors. And as much as possible, they should get the same protection.

    However, online investor cannot get the same control as professional investors – due to the number of investor that would eventually seek control through tiny investments – and they will very like have to invest through different type of contracts (mainly driven by regulatory constraints).

    To align economic interests and protections, while using different means (i.e. equity for professional investors / subordinated loans for online investors) is a technicality. However, it is a technicality that requires substantial and intrinsic knowhow of how capital markets, businesses and financing tools work in order to be able to provide appropriate alignment.

    And that is one of the key USP’s that FunderNation has, compared to other German and European platforms.

    And we fully agree by the way – ultimately, if crowdinvesting does not work for the investors, it will not reach its full potential. However, investors also need to have clarity, that not every investment will be a success case. That’s why the portfolio approach is so important.