Interview with Gert-Jan van Wijk about the crowdfunding for listnride on Seedrs

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Gert-Jan, you are the Managing Director of List and Ride GmbH in Berlin. Would you please introduce yourself and your company to our readers?

Gert-Jan van Wijk: I am Dutchman that moved to Berlin on 2010 to pursue my career in the online classifieds space. After a few years of building up great teams for different employers, I wanted to start a business for myself, which had to do more with my passion for cycling and the experiences I have gathered in my professional career. During my executive MBA studies in Mannheim in 2012-2013 I met Johannes Stuhler, with whom I have founded later in 2015.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: You decided to go ahead with a crowdfunding on Seedrs. Why did you go for Seedrs instead of collection the money on a German platform?

Gert-Jan van Wijk: We have done extensive research and have had many talks with various platforms both German and international and we have favoured Seedrs as we were most convinced of their investor community and the international / Europe wide exposure seedrs can provide. Although founded in Berlin and having 90% of our current platform activity in the German speaking market
(DACH), it is our ambition to become the European leader in the next few years.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Apparently you decided go though the listing process on the platform together with a UK company called IdeaSquare. Why was this the right decision? Would you recommend other (German) companies to follow you on this way?

Gert-Jan van Wijk: Working with Ideasquare has been very, very helpful to streamline the campaign preparation, execution as well as the day to day support once the campaign has gone live. We can definitely recommend working with a professional team that does nothing else but getting start-ups ready and well equipped for their crowdfunding campaign. Ideasquare for us is a perfect match!

Klaus-Martin Meyer: What are you intending to do with the funds collected on Seedrs?

Gert-Jan van Wijk: With the funds that we will raise on seedrs we will be able to significantly grow our user base, both active users as well as bikes listed. Secondly we can further enhance the product e.g. release a new generation of apps end some b2b solutions.

Klaus-Martin Meyer: What are the particular chances and risks all investors should think about before investing from your point of view?

Gert-Jan van Wijk: The chances for the investors that join is to become part of something that might scale very quickly and therefor have a good chance of an exit as bigger players might acquire listnride. The risks in any early phase start-up is that traction might take too long and so momentum is lost during the first 2 years of operation. In our first half year of operation we have seen good traction, however. And so we think we are on a good path toward profitability.

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