Interview mit Alex Kammerling über Crowdfunding für Kamm & Sons über

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Alex, would you please tell our readers a little bit about you and your company?

Alex Kammerling: I started in the bar industry nearly 20 years ago as a bartender (to pay my sculpture studio rent) and quickly fell in love with the industry. I channeled my creativity into making cocktails and loved the social side of bartending. From there I started writing a column for Class magazine and then started writing travel features and bar reviews. I went on to write my own cocktail book that the BBC published, did a number of brand consultancy positions (For Campari, Appleton) and then went on to be a brand Ambassador for Millers Gin and then Grey Goose vodka. In the back-ground of these jobs I was working on my own brand (Kamm & Sons) which I launched in 2011. Continue reading