Best Practice: Crowdinvestor Relations

Ich hatte bereits in dem Beitrag zu den Todos der crowd-finanzierten Startups geschrieben, dass die Firmen es anstreben sollten, einmal monatlich ihre Anleger per Mail über neue Entwicklungen zu informieren.

Diesen Anspruch hat offensichtlich auch Righteous, der Hersteller von Bio-Salatdressings im UK. Aus aktuellem Anlass gebe ich einfach mal den aktuellen Newsletter als Best Practise-Beispiel wieder. Die Investoren werden sowohl informiert als auch zur aktiven Mitarbeit aufgefordert.


„Hi everyone,

As you know, I’m in the middle of my 2nd crowdfunding pitch.

As my 1st round of investors, you will be benefiting from owning shares in a company that was previously focused on UK-based growth (that was what most of the growth identified in the original business plan was based on) … to owning shares in a company that now has HUGE export potential.

JUST TODAY, I received final confirmation that ******* will be ordering from us. Their 1st order is for 40 pallets in April, worth £88,000 (72% of our 2012 Turnover!!). Then, ******** also confirmed they will be launching at least 4 of our 5 dressings in their stores in May. They are planning to sell this in to 500 supermarkets (depending on space availability). Then, ***** in America (distribution partner of *********) is in the process of putting our products onto their systems in preparation for a launch in the US in April.

The money I am trying to raise is to fund the working capital for all this new business. It’s very exciting times because we already have close to £20,000 just 2 days into the Pitch.  Saying that, we still have a long way to go to hit £150,000. And as you know, if we don’t raise the full amount, we will not get any of the money.

SO CAN I PLEASE ASK YOUR HELP IN SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE PITCH. The sooner we get the money the better because I need to start having bottles produced for the Costco project and timings are VERY TIGHT for the April launch.

If you could please pass on the YouTube video here to anyone who you think might be interested:


I really hope we can all work together to raise funds that is crucial to getting Righteous to the next level!!!