Invesdor kooperiert mit Privanet bei Sekundärmarktplatz


Wie heute von Invesdor, dem finnischen equity Crowdfunding-Marktplatz, bekannt gegeben wurde, kooperiert die Plattform mit Privanet, um einen Sekundärmarktplatz für die via Invesdor platzierten Anteile zu realisieren. Privanet ist ein Experte für den Handel von nicht börsennotierten Aktien. Continue reading

„Invesdor is the first and leading open equity-based crowdfunding platform in Northern Europe.“ – Interview with Lasse Mäkelä (Chairman of the Board and Co-Funder)


Klaus-Martin Meyer: Lasse, you are Chairman of the Board and Co-Funder of Would you please introduce yourself and your company to the German speaking crowdfunding community?

Lasse Mäkelä: Invesdor is the first and leading open equity-based crowdfunding platform in Northern Europe. Invesdor was founded to solve a need, which we had ourselves in an earlier company. There are lot of delays and difficulties both in raising funding for startup and growth companies as well as in investing. Our aim is to bridge the gap that currently exists between growth company financing and traditional investment activity. For example, in Finland, Finnish Business Angels invested 14m euros in growth companies last year and at the same time there is about 100 billion euros of idle cash sitting on Finnish bank accounts. Our idea is to facilitate the investments in growth companies for traditional stock and mutual fund investors. Our message to them is that all responsible investors should keep 5-10% of their investment portfolios in non-listed growth company shares. Continue reading