„None of the existing crowdfunding platforms and companies out there solved the actual problems that we faced. “ – Interview with Enrique Parrilla (pentian.com)

pentianKlaus-Martin Meyer: Enrique, you are co-founder of pentian.com. Would you please introduce yourself and your platform to the Crowdstreet readers?

Enrique Parrilla: As strange as it may sound, books have been my life since before I actually knew how to read. I was fascinated by the fact that my parents would sit and seem to extract endless knowledge and entertainment from these seemingly unfathomable objects. I wanted to join in the fun and they would let me sit with them while they read. I thought it was nothing sort of magical that these undecipherable signs in front of me would actually construct words and stories. I asked for some books of my own of course. My parents obliged and starting getting me comics that I –still- could not read. I remember flipping through their pages and making my own dialogues based on what I thought was going on through the pictures. Continue reading