Interview with Fausto Zanetton about Tifosy – the crowdfunding platform for pro sports

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Fausto, you are a Co-Founder of Tifosy a crowdfunding platform for pro sports. Would you please introduce yourself and your company to our readers?

Fausto Zanetton: I’m Fausto Zanetton, the Founder and CEO of Tifosy. I am Italian, but grew up in Belgium and completed my economic university studies there. Before starting Tifosy, I spent 15 years in the financial industry (PwC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley) focusing on the media/sports/technology sector, both in London and the US. I advised my global client base on capital raises, mergers and acquisitions, refinancings, etc
Given I spent increasingly more time on sports and saw how clubs were building massive digital followings through social media, I thought crowdfunding could offer clubs a new way of raising capital and fans a new opportunity for investing into a new asset class whilst supporting a club they believed in. This is where the idea of Tifosy (“fans” in Italian) originated and hence, I went on a mission (jointly with my co-founder Gianluca Vialli) to create the first and fully-authorised sports focused crowdfunding platform. Continue reading